We are passionate about introducing students to Jesus Christ. We invite our Cru students to join us in evangelism and train them in how to share the Gospel with others. One of the ways we do this is at the beginning of each semester. Our staff and students meet up individually with students who want to know more about God and Cru. We call these Gospel Appointments as we share the Gospel in each and every appointment. 
Here are just a few quotes from our students as they flooded our group message with stories of stepping out in faith and stories of seeing other students place their faith in Christ!

“Just saw someone place their faith in Christ during a gospel appointment! Praise God!”


“God is so great yall!! Eric and I just met with Francisco and he surrendered his life to Christ! So awesome seeing God move people and change lives through this group and you all!”


“Y’all pray for Marvin who just accepted Christ with me during our follow up! The Lord was at work, so pray that he continues to choose to pursue the Lord and see truth! I’ll be following up with him over the next few weeks as well”


“I went on a follow up this morning with a sweet girl named Jaelee and she accepted Christ!! Please be praying for her encouragement as she begins her walk with the Lord!” 


“Guess what just happened! Aspen and I just had a girl who decided to come to Christ! The KGP (knowing God personally booklet) really touched her as she cried and thought the idea of God loving her and wanting a relationship out of nothing with her was amazing.”


“Shealy, Katelyn, and I saw another girl come to Christ yesterday!”


“Hey guys! We have a new sister in the kingdom of God. A girl I met with today named Tess just accepted Christ!”


“Guys, a freshman named Tyler just accepted Jesus into his life this morning!”


“Hey Guys. I just had a really amazing gospel appointment with a guy named Orion. He is a track athlete and had very little experience with anything faith related. We had a really awesome conversation that led into him hearing the Gospel for the first time through the KGP. He was pretty desperate for good community, and he is probably going to come to Tuesday nights and Thursday nights.”


“Just had the raddest Gospel Appointment with a sweet dude named Makoa! He is solid with the gospel and is hyped to come to Cru! He was impressed with the sound doctrine (KGP and gospel) of Cru! Praise God!”


“Randy and I got to share today with a freshman who said he believed that there are a lot of things that could possibly be God, and wasn’t really too sure and said that he didn’t believe that it was very important to know if there is a god but he thinks about stuff like that from time to time. We got to share the Gospel with him and he said he’d maybe be interested in the weekly meeting or community groups so we’re gonna keep him in the loop with all that stuff”


“Robert and I just met a guy  who’s agnostic but had some spiritual background. He had some really interesting ideas of who Jesus was and his meaning of life was to achieve inner peace. It was cool talking to him about how only God can satisfy us and fulfill our inner desires! We wasn’t super involved in the convo or interested in the game but it was still so good to talk!”


“So this morning I was walking out of class with my friend who I had some spiritual conversations with before. She sat down with me in the UC and we talked all about religion and then she did perspectives with me and it was really cool to talk about everything and why being religious doesn’t save you! She grew up as part of an extreme traditionalist church and although we had a good convo- she said she’s not comfortable going to any Christian event because it feels like all her old memories. There’s a chance she’ll be open to try Cru next semester though and I pray our community and environment is welcoming and different for her!!”